Putting mind over language matters. Follow and learn from my experience of turning dyslexia into gift-lexia

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pinterestLot’s of boards and pins on Pinterest for and about dyslexia.  Here’s a great one called Dyslexic Diamonds .  Lead with an image then added supportive words.  Pinterest is great for the visual thinkers.

Check out:

Four Things All Educators Should Understand About the Dyslexic Brain  -edutopia.org

The Gift of Being a Dyslexic Teacher  -edutopia.org

Learning Difference or Disability?      –mindsparlearning.com

Five things you didn’t know about Apple’s Jony Ive  –telegraph.co.uk

How Robert Redford’s family are changing our thinking on dyslexia    – the guardian.com

Actor Patrick Dempsey now see his dyxlexia as an essential part of his success.   -images.search.yahoo.com

Crown Princess Victoria of Sweden has dyslexia       -easyreadsystem.com

Henry Winkler has lived with dyslexia and has written a book series for kids with dyslexia.    -google.ca

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